Discover the Language of Flowers

Often called floriography, this is a method of cryptic communication through the use of flowers – a tussie mussie,  with specific meanings.

Message interpretation

Tussie Mussie

Photography by Swanton Morley Studios

It became popular through the ages but particularly during the 19th century to the extent that the Victorians were often armed with “floral dictionaries” where they could exchange coded messages through flowers.

We are convinced those messages are just as relevant today and remain a delightful way of sending a discreet, coded message to someone special.

Select your menu of flowers or Norfolk tussie mussie

Design your own Norfolk tussie-mussie. We offer a service where the sender has a menu card of flowers, and their meanings, to convey a message through the bouquet. The recipient will receive a list of what is included and can then refer to an enclosed reference card to reveal the message from the specific flowers that make up that bouquet.

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